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08 August 2008 @ 01:05 pm
Hey if anyone here wants to get a new friend to talk to, feel free to comment and add!
Let's get social :D
02 July 2008 @ 07:56 pm
Check out this new interview from GlamMetal.com with Sully Erna about his future with Godsmack and his upcoming solo release.

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26 March 2008 @ 10:12 pm
Sully is going to be doing a couple solo acoustic appearances in May, it sounds like he will mainly be performing Godsmack songs and not songs from his own upcoming solo project... check out what he has to say, this was taken from his official myspace blog:

Solo Time is here!

Although my agent is still working the details out on many of these dates, i felt it was important to fill you in as i get the information about where and when i will be performing.

I will constantly be updating this blog now, so check back frequently to see if i am coming to your area soon.

For now i will tell you what i know. If it changes, i will make the corrections as soon as i can.

And this is not the main solo project i’ve been working on w/ Niall from DCD. This is the solo dates for me to come to you and play acoustically by myself. I am also bringing a surprise guest with me, so the night should be pretty fun.
Hope to see you there.


I wonder who the surprise guest will be?
26 March 2008 @ 06:37 pm
On Friday, March 21, our very lovely co-mod Clare (clandescent) passed away. It's hard to imagine her not being around anymore, I can't wrap my mind around it 'cause I look back and see her posts, comments and this layout she made and I start to cry all over again. She was so likeable and funny and a great person, she will be so very missed. It's just not going to be the same without her. I consider myself lucky to have known her and so grateful that she joined this community which brought us together as friends; therefore, I'm going to dedicate this community in memory of her and promise to keep it going for as long as I can. I hope you will all keep posting and keep her loved ones in your thoughts/prayers. xxx.
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12 March 2008 @ 10:46 am
I don't know why it never occured to me to see if there is a Godsmack community on LJ. Maybe I did a long time ago, but if so I can't remember. Here's my intro post:

Name: Rowenna
Age: old
Location: Smallville, CO
How long have you been a fan & what made you become a fan? Since I saw them performing live on some MTV concert show either right before or right after their first album came out. I was intrigued because Sully and I share a faith, and their music really struck a chord with me.
Favourite song? I can never answer these well. Probably Spiral.
Favourite video? I've never seen any Godsmack videos. I hardly ever turn on my tv. Maybe I'll buy some of their DVDs and see some...someday.
Favourite cd? I think their first one. Maybe Awake. I waffle a lot, depending on my mood.
Least favourite song? Can't say; do I have one? Does it matter?
Ever seen them in concert? Yes.
Other bands/artists you are into: TOOL. Beethoven. Orff. The Beatles. Deep, throaty jazz. Middle eastern/bellydance music. Drumming. I'm old and eclectic, and music is never background noise for me. I also deeply enjoy the sound of silence. Hey, I like Simon and Garfunkel too now that I mention that...
Picture: I don't post pictures of myself in public forums, sorry.

So...I have to make an emergency trip with my kids to California in a short while, and I was thinking of buying Sully's book to read on the plane. Has anyone read it? Is it any good? Or is it a total beach read? The reviews on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive...but I'm also a choosy reader. I like biographies, horror, fantasy, emotional reads, mystery, gothic thrillers, and just about everything else except romance and teen crapola. I also read a high amount of nonfiction. So I'm trying to decide if this is going to be a purchase worthy of adding to my library, or if it's drek. One of the Amazon reviews says it's written just as Sully talks, and sometimes his slang and profanity make me twitchy.
03 January 2008 @ 08:26 pm
As his bandmates busy themselves with the side band Another Animal, Godsmack frontman Sully Erna is plotting his first solo album, which he hopes to begin recording in the spring.

"It's gonna be nothing like rock music," Erna tells Billboard.com. "It's gonna be very Native American tribal rhythms mixed with these Middle Eastern bluesy kind of vocals. This is a project to get a different kind of music out of me that I feel is inside me. .. and not for any expectations about how big the hit may be or if it's gonna make it on the radio."
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This might be a little old but I hadn't heard of Sully working on a solo cd until I read it in Shannon's blog (I blame it on the busy holidays!) It sounds like it's gonna be really great!
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03 January 2008 @ 08:20 pm
Another Animal will be playing at the NAMM show this year. The show will run from Jan 17-20th in Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim CA.

For more info visit:


source: myspace bulletin.

You can also read a New Years blog from Shannon Larkin here where he addresses rumors about Godsmack breaking up (they're not true!)
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18 December 2007 @ 04:07 pm
More information on Another Animal...

Lee Richards – guitar
Tony Rombola – guitar
Robbie Merrill – bass
Shannon Larkin – drums
Whitfield Crane – vocals

The band name couldn’t be more perfect. Another Animal features three members of Godsmack – guitarist Tony Rombola, bassist Robbie Merrill and drummer Shannon Larkin. Joining them are original Godsmack guitarist Lee Richards (ex-Dropbox) and ex-Ugly Kid Joe singer Whitfield Crane. Yet the music they’ve created for their self-titled debut is a different beast altogether.

Incorporating elements of hard rock, metal, punk and grunge, Another Animal is an eclectic tribute to the sounds the members grew up with. Recorded in a mere three weeks in Boston with engineer John Shipp, the songs resonate with newfound freedom and excitement that’s as spontaneous as it is sincere.

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You can hear a stream of the first single, Broken Again here.

Thank you to Matt at Total Assault for the information.
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12 December 2007 @ 09:50 am
You probably all know about Another Animal by now, for those of you who haven't heard... Another Animal is a side project for Shannon, Tony and Robbie who have joined up with Whit Crane (of Ugly Kid Joe fame) and Lee Richards (Godsmack's very first guitarist) to create a new band. They have just finished touring in the US and currently have an album out. You can hear a few songs from the album below. (Under the cut because the music player gets a little freaky sometimes!)

ETA: Urgh LJ hates me and won't embed the player but you can hear the songs on MySpace.

I have the album myself but honestly, I haven't had much of a chance to listen to it yet. But I will say that I absolutely love Find A Way. It has a kind of Audioslave sound to it, I think.

If you want to learn more about the band check out their MySpace or their Official Site.
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10 December 2007 @ 11:49 pm
Check out the music video for Godsmack's cover of Led Zeppelin's Good Times, Bad Times. Thanks to inomniaparatus for the heads up.

"Good Times Bad Times....Ten Years of Godsmack" is in the shops now.

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Also available is a limited edition 10 Year Commemorative T-Shirt.