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26 October 2009 @ 02:37 am
Intro w/ survey & pix!  
New to this communitty, but not to Godsmack! I've been a fan of Godsmack since I was 14 yrs. old! Something for you to get to know moi better:

Name: Everyone calls me "Scars" or you can call me Ingrid. Either one. I gotta say, I prefer my nickname!
Age: 26
Location: Long Island, NY (60 miles from NYC, so no, I don't live in "the city")
How long have you been a fan & what made you become a fan? 12 yrs, like I said up there. I saw them open up for Black Sabbath. Other than getting peed on, it was a really fun show!
Favourite song? I dunno if I can pick JUST one; maybe "Whatever", "I Stand Alone" and "Moonbaby"
Favourite video? "Straight Out of Line" or "I Stand Alone" ... I really love 'em all!
Favourite cd? the original self-titled one ... always.
Least favourite song? If I must say one, I would say "Asleep". I don't really care for acoustic, and instead of doing a song that's the opposite of another, why not just put out another song? JMHO.
Ever seen them in concert? I've seen them in concert SO MANY times I can't even count. Most recently was for Crue Fest in August in NJ!
Other bands / artists you are into: lots of different ones (not just metal or rock or something like that). I really like punk & metal (any kind of either) and I love these bands: KISS (original one), Metallica, Michael Jackson, Ozzy / Sabbath, Rob Zombie, Korn, Damian Marley, Grateful Dead, Sex Pistols, Buckcherry, Marilyn Manson, Shakira, MIA
He looks SO SEXY when he plays live!
MY MY look at that tongue *waggles brows*... and he's also cosplaying Gene Simmons (and KISS is another fav. band of mine!)
OMFG! I love a man with tattoos! I think we should compare ours! Oh yes, we should!
Current Location: Long Island, NY, USA
Current Mood: indescribableindescribable
Current Music: Straight Out of Line --Godsmack